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For Removals and Storage in Dublin

Davick transport is your one stop shop for household and business removals within Ireland.

Operating a fully specialised fleet and also offer off-site storage 24/7, 365 days a year.



We offer containerised storage with 24hr CCTV security in Dublin. While your property is in our storage facility it will be placed in secure container. Each storage customer is assigned their own storage containers. The benefits are minimal handling and good security. Where possible, Davick will pack your container from the removal vehicle for the required period of time.

Here are some of the reasons people choose Davick for storage services:

Moving house

Increasingly people are having to move out of their old home before moving into their new. If that’s the case and you have nowhere to store your belongings, a storage unit is the ideal answer.


Many people our now downsizing their homes, especially if the children have flown the nest or are have gone to college.  You may not be ready to get rid or sell larger items like furniture, exercise equipment etc.  For young people getting on the housing ladder is very expensive and many are storing items in preparation for when their children make that jump and will need all the help they can get.

Office Equipment

Moving or downsizing office space means you will need somewhere to store your equipment and files.  We have 24 hour security and can help pack your items.


If the builders are due, to erect a new conservatory or extension, and you are worried about them walking through the house and damaging your sofas or wooden furniture, a storage unit would be ideal to house your valuables whilst the work is ongoing.

Baby on the way

If you have a new addition on the way and need to completely clear the spare bedroom, you don’t have to clear the decks and put everything on ebay. Yes, replace the spare bed with a cot, but put the bed in a self storage unit, along with any furniture that you don’t need. You’re probably going to need it again is a while. You can always sell it if you change your mind.

Garden furniture and machines

Summer gives way to autumn and the grass has been cut for the last time. It’s time to put away all the garden furniture and equipment, but where? The space in the shed or garage seems alot smaller than when you took it all out and the chances are you’ve bought an extra lounger, or decided to buy a bigger table. You’re not going to use any of the items for months so putting it all into a storage unit leaves you with a bit of space in the garage and also helps protect your garden furniture.

Renting your home

Increasingly people are choosing to rent their homes while they either work away or move to a smaller property.  Many home owners in this position don’t want to leave all the belongings in the house. A storage unit will provide you with peace of mind whilst you are away.