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St. Patricks Day

Firstly happy Paddys Day to all of our customers, friends and family.

After all thats what makes a great, be it a family event, bank holiday or a national event.

We started our day at 8am, went through the check list of everyone who we invited to take part in our parade.  It took a lot of organisation to get our parade off the ground.

All the families arrived shortly after 11am and in the mean time the Davick team where outside dressing the lorries for the Parades, we took part in both the Lusk and Skerries St. Patricks Day Parades.

We have lots of picture from the day which we’ll upload tomorrow that captured the excitment.

The build up to the parade was fantastic, the buzz in the yard was magic. At one stage we had people on top of the lorries helping with the dress up.

Just thought I’d share the enjoyment we had with friends, family etc before the day ends.

Big thanks to the lads of Ballyb0ughal.net for their support on the day.

We wrapped up our day with the usual Davick Picnic outside the Village Inn in Ballyboughal, every man woman and child had a great feed and really enjoyed themselves.

This post will be updated tomorrow with all the pictures of the day. Im sure, St. Particks day will continue into the early hours in the village…


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