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Davick transport is your one stop shop for household and business removals within Ireland.

Operating a fully specialised fleet and also offer off-site storage 24/7, 365 days a year.


Removals Services

As a leading removal and storage company, Davick offers a full range of professional moving and storage services for your home and business in the dublin area. Moving house is a life-changing event and by choosing Davick as your moving company you can ensure that everything will go according to your plan. Whatever your situation, Davick is a removal firm that offers a comprehensive choice of moving and storage services which allows us to personalise the entire move to suit your needs.

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Here’s some handy things to remember:

If your removal company has agreed to do the packing and supply packing materials, make sure you clarify with them, exactly what has been arranged, to be packed up in boxes. This can be anything from packing every last thing to just packing glass & china. If they are only packing glass and china they will expect this to laid out onto a suitable work surface, like the dining table or kitchen work top. Also check to see if they will be arriving the day before to pack or will do it all on the day. This depends on the time scale that you have to leave your house.

If you are doing the packing yourself begin as earlier as possible. Make sure that you use suitable moving boxes that are strong enough (double wall boxes), large enough not to become to heavy when filled but allow you to maximise the space inside the box (less trips to the van) and boxes that are modular, when they are stacked together they will produce a uniformed level and therefore easier to load into a van or storage unit. Always fill the box to the top and then close the lid, this allows the boxes to be stronger and can be stacked on top of each other in the removal van or storage unit. When emptying drawers and cupboards you do not need to empty everything, just take very heavy, spillable and breakable items out. If the chest or drawers is too heavy to be lifted the removal team will just take out the drawers and put them back in the van.

NEVER make the moving boxes so heavy that they cannot be lifted safely. If they are becoming heavy while you are packing them, try filling the rest of the box with light bulky items such as linen, towels, cushions or soft toys. Books / photos / plates are the worst offenders when it comes down to weight, use smaller boxes for these types of items.