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For Removals and Storage in Dublin

Davick transport is your one stop shop for household and business removals within Ireland.

Operating a fully specialised fleet and also offer off-site storage 24/7, 365 days a year.


Office Relocation

Davick has great experience in office removals. We will send our experienced surveyors to your premises to give you an accurate and competitive price. They will create a relocation plan that fits your business. Davick can offer your company a full packing service or supply you with the file crates and computer crates for self pack by your employees. Davick employees will dismantle and re-assemble, shelving, modular/system workstations, boardroom tables, drawing equipment etc.

We have created this handy checklist to assist you to plan the perfect office move.  We strive to be the number one business moving company in Dublin. Follow our guide for moving a business and it will ensure a cost effective & no hassle office removal service.

Early Planning

  • Appoint an appropriate staff member as your company’s move co-ordinator
  • Consider your current office equipment and computer situation. What needs to be upgraded or replaced?
  • List all stationery and company letterhead which will need amendment, plus new building signage and your website
  • Consider the security/access requirements for your new premises
  • Send a notice to clients/suppliers etc. that you are relocating, detailing changes such as PO Box or phone numbers and actual address
  • Inform staff of progress and developments throughout the process
  • Confirm layout of new office premises and configuration of communication outlets
  • Confirm offical date of moving your company with Us

Arrange Disconnection/Reconnection and Diversion

  • Electricity
  • Telephone,
  • Fax – change faxes to display new number (if applicable)
  • Mobile phones,
  • Pagers,
  • Mail services
  • Computer comms (routers/adsl modems etc.)
  • Organise for de-commissioning and recommissioning of all computers and associated electronic equipment

Notifications of Change of Address

  • Company’s offices
  • Revenue Commissioners
  • Motor vehicle registration (quote your LTSA number)
  • Local government
  • Insurance company
  • Cleaners or gardeners
  • Suppliers of financial and legal services, i.e.: accountants, solicitors, banks, finance houses, printers, brokers, credit card providers
  • Companies & Suppliers of other materials and services, i.e.: press, public relations/media, couriers, freight services and travel agents

Just Prior to Your Move

  • Confirm all final details of the move plan with us and confirm value for insurance during transit
  • Distribute written moving instructions to all staff
  • Label all effects in accordance with the new floor plan
  • Reserve access areas such as parking meters, entrance way, loading docks, goods lifts, notify landlord in event of multi-tenant building
  • Confirm delivery of new equipment, furnishings, stationery etc.
  • Secure floor plan to each floor in your new premises to assist with correct placement of items and ensure that we have copies one week prior to move.
  • Finalise arrangements for access, keys and codes for Davick Transport Company staff
  • Arrange for staff to visit the new site for pre-move familiarisation purposes
  • Finalise start-time on the day of your move
  • Confirm items for storage or for distribution to other offices